Runtime: 25 MIN 

We often have our pre-judgments about the people we come in contact with, not understanding the reasoning behind their actions. CITY KIDS is a short film about the social tension in New York City’s impoverished areas. This film documents the everyday trials and tribulations of three young adults and how their lives intertwine with one another.

This film displays the living conditions that provoke our inner city youth’s actions, and how the lives of the three characters epitomize the CULTURE OF POVERTY. The film is set in New York City in the fall of 2013.

VICTORIA TORREZ has aspirations to go to fashion school in San Francisco, California to become a designer. Victoria’s mother wants her to stay at home and take care of the family, simply because she cannot afford to send her to school. Also, she is pressure by her boyfriend to stay home and not pursue her dream. DEVON JONES is a young single father. After recently losing his job at the grocery store, Devon has to find a way to support his child and himself. With no family of friends to turn to Devon resorts to theft in order to feed his family. XAVIER SIMMONS is a 23 year old adult living with his grandmother in New York. With his father incarcerated and mother dead Xavier yearns for a sense of belonging and a family. He ultimately joins a gang and runs rampant around the streets of New York City. Not knowing anything else Xavier chooses this lifestyle.

Voice Of An Emerging Subculture